Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sungsoo's Questions

Q1.Potter’s suggestion of three-dimension classification of qualitative approach, axiomatic, methodology, and method, helps to catch the broad and often confusing definition of ‘qualitative.’ However I cannot help having the impression that he draws the line in arbitrary.

Q2. Are there any other qualitative methodologies? Since Potter’s book published in 1996, I hope that we must have some newly developed qualitative methodologies.

Q3. Potter’s idea of ‘template’ (Potter, p25) is very interesting, then, how can we describe the template of the quantitative approach?

Q4. Pauwels provides insightful guidance of the Internet research, especially to those of cultural studies. His proposal of hybrid media analysis definitely elucidates many aspects of Internet research which have extremely complexity. I like to know some researches which combine the cultural studies and linguistic analysis to examine the Internet usage.
Q5. Belton’s ‘Face at the window’ study’ shows that there are competitive methods of qualitative research dealing with the media effects on the audience or media users. However quantitative researcher may well react like this: We can add the variables of the relationship between children and his parent to the relationship between violent TV program watching hours and violent behavior or violent story telling. What will be the difference between her research and other researches based on quantitative methods?

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