Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sungsoo's Questions

Q1. In Ch 10, Potter introduces action advocacy. I agree that scholars can have specific political opinion. However they should keep proper tensions between academic integrity and passion for social change when they are doing research. Otherwise their works often fall into the cheap political agitation.

Q2. I think Potter’s explanation on degree of self-reflexivity, in CH 11, is very helpful regarding to the matters of objectivity and subjectivity. I think it is important not only for those who are doing qualitative research but also for those who are doing quantitative research. My tentative opinion is that the more the better. However I am still confusing what degree of self-reflexivity I should choose in limited time and space.

Q3. In Ch 11, Potter introduces three degrees of contextualization which is one of the most interesting arguments. I would like to know the way how I can decide which degree I should choose

Q4. What are ethnographic fictional representations? Where can I find writings base on ethnographic fictional representation?

Q5. As Richardson supports experimental writing, it is critical to write creative and experimental. I believe that it is quality of writing that makes some research standout from writings: fact-based, well-organized structure, simple and clear sentence which show the balanced observation by researcher, etc.

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